Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plane Crashed Off Waters of Masbate: DILG Secretary Robredo Onboard

      A private that carried Secretary Robredo crashed in the waters of Masbate. It was reported that Robredo departed from Cebu and supposedly arrive at his hometown, Naga City this evening when the plane started to wiggle due to engine trouble. Earlier reports said that Robredo was saved by a fisherman and survived the crash but still no confirmation about it.

      Sec Robredo supposedly have to take the Cebu Pacific flight but he chose to board the private plane for some reason. Meanwhile, Philippine Navy and Coastguard divers conducted Search and Rescue Operations but was cancelled earlier because of the limited visibility in the SAR area.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Zamboanga After Twin Bombing: Like Nothing Happened

A day after two bombings near Guiwan Bus Terminal and near Mosque,  the daily activities of people go back to normal again. Seems there's been no bombing happened in the city. People freely roam around and do not care if bombs may explode around. But the police and armed forces further tightened the security in every corner of the city.

The Zamboanga City is the only highly urbanized city in South Phlippines, but not now because of the security situation within the heart of the city.

On the other hand, other cities in South Philippines like Davao City, Cagayan de Oro City, Iligan City, General Santos City, Pagadian City etc. continue to develop.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Second Bomb Explosion In Zamboanga City Near Mosque

After the Rural Transit Bus exploded near Guiwan Bus Terminal, another explosion occurred at 11pm, just outside the Mosque in Suterville, San Jose Gusu, Zamboanga City. No casualty was reported during the explosion.

The authorities are now investigating on what group will be held responsible for the simultaneous bombing. 

6 Wounded In Zamboanga Bus Bombing

An improvised bomb exploded in the rear side portion of the Rural Transit bus in Zamboanga City at 10pm according to the local police. The bus came from Pagadian city with undetermined number of passengers. Six of its passengers were wounded and immediately rushed to the nearest local hospital for medication,  two of which were in severe condition.

The authorities recovered some nails, debris of IED and a cellphone battery. They still have no clue on what group of terrorist is responsible for the incident.

Good News For Teachers

It was announced by the House committee on higher and technical education chairman Juan Edgardo Angara on Thursday, 16 June 2012. Angara specified that the applicants must be hired based on their qualifications and merits and not based on connections. The DepEd will recruit about 60, 510 teachers next year.

This move will surely help alleviate our education standards in the country. More competent educators will be hired. This is also the largest recruitment of government personnel since WWII. The budget for DepEd had increased 13% as compared to that of last year.

This is a great move as far as education in our country is concern. Students being taught by the most competent instructors in our country and a great challenge for our  teachers in advancing their capabilities in order to compete with their fellow teachers in giving a high quality education for their students.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Most Alarming Situation in Zamboanga City

Zamboanga City, Philippines. The most alarming situation in Zamboanga City today is the unsolved series of shooting incidents. It has been recorded that already 115 persons were victims of series shooting incidents inside the city since January 2012.

The University of Zamboanga (UZ) led the countdown since its school president, Archie Eustaquio III was shot to death by an alleged gun for hire.

The city is indeed in a big crisis as Mayor Celso Lobregat ends his term next year. What will happen to Zamboanga City? Could it be a safe place to dwell? Or could it be a place where people neglect because of the unsolved security situation.